“My advice to young film-makers is this: Don't follow trends, Start them!”

-Frank Capra



Like Bender says, "I'm back baby."

WILL Produce 1st major film, currently finishing outline for 90 page, one location to be shot in East County San Diego.

SciFi Fantasy

Hidden Millions
Runner up in Fantasy at Screenplay Search 2009
Winner REDINKWORKS 2009 TOP 50

A 28-year-old contractor who’s worked his whole life loses his business then finds a 22-year-old journal from his late father describing how he hid 30 million dollars in gold. He goes in search of his Dad’s dough with the help of his best friend, who is an oversexed lesbian with a black belt, and a playboy he just met who never worked a day in his life. Trying to stop him is an evil political manipulator who’s been looking for the gold and, so far, killed 4 people who stood in his way. His last victim … was the playboy.

Open House Killers
If you think the housing market is tough today, see how this couple, new to investing, creates their own way of dealing with con men and real estate deals gone bad. Suspense Thriller

Black Market
A con man pays back all the money he swindled from investors by paying the ultimate price. Short Subject Suspense. Prefect, 4 man stage play.

Retired Police Detectives reminisce about a case that has no logic. Short Subject

Fantasy Mini-Series
Three stories collide into one in a small western town.

Young world traveler lands in a Salon in L. A., competes in Vegas, but finally gets the girl - and the salon.

For more log lines, synopsis or treatments contact David Spiro.